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What does Job Application Tracker do?

Find Jobs

We help you find the job you want.

The job market can be a confusing place, but our experience and contacts help speed up your job search – so you find the job you want quicker.

Finding an agency or job board you want to use is only the first part, however. JAT also provides practical guidance and tips on how to work these relationships to maximize your advantage.

And you can be confident that however you find the job you wish to apply for, JAT will handle it with ease.

Apply for jobs

We help you apply for jobs you want.

Finding your ideal job is only the start of your application journey. JAT helps your application process and guides your through the ways to increase your chances of success.

Think of an application like a process, and JAT makes sure you have the best chance of success.

It keeps copies of previous CV’s and cover letters, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time. This alone can save you hours throughout your search!

Track applications

We help you track your applications.

There is a plethora of ways in which you can find and apply for jobs – direct approaches, individual job boards, more agencies than you can shake a stick at etc.

JAT helps you track all your applications regardless of how you found the opportunity and applied for the job. This helps you keep on top of everything and make sure you give yourself the best chance of landing your dream job.

JAT also tells you what tasks you have got coming up, what follow ups are needed and keeps all your documents safe you can re-use and amend them whenever you wish.

Get advice

We give you advice to get you the job.

Our expert career consultants guide you through your job search. We give you hints and tips to help you apply in the right way, follow up effectively and create the perfect CV and cover letters. We tell you the best ways to work with agencies, what to do at a job fair and how to highlight your achievements.

We have a base of over 50 content writers, who are all experts in recruitment. This means you are sure to get the best advice you can find anywhere on the net – and get the job of your dreams faster.

It’s like having your own personal career counsellor working just for you!

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About Job Application Tracker

Who are we and how can we help you
How does JAT help you get the job of your dreams?

We are a team of creative career consultants who have a vast amount of experience in the job market, helping our clients find the jobs they want.

We have become increasingly frustrated with the market recently - there are plenty of places to go to find the jobs you wish to apply for, but no easy way to manage all those applications.

Job Application Tracker (JAT) changes all that. Find out more on our Tour page.

We created JAT to help students and professionals get the jobs they want. Want some scary statistics? Yes, of course you do....

  • The average professional job search lasts 3.7 months until a job offer is accepted
  • The average student job search (until they get the RIGHT job) lasts 9.8 months
  • The average person applies for 63 positions until they are awarded the one they want
  • 37% of people employed in the UK are on the lookout for another job.
  • There are 30 million people employed in the UK - meaning an incredible 11.1 million people are currently looking for a job whilst employed in the UK alone!
  • ...and a further 1.8 million unemployed who are looking for work.

All this means that it is a very competitive marketplace, and everyone is vying for your attention. Job Application Tracker helps you sort through all the information coming your way and helps you focus on what is most important.

The aim is to get you the job of your dreams quicker - and our testimonials suggest we are achieving this!

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